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Ira Mother Of One
Susan Mother of 4 children

Thank You So Much!

Through Math Matters, we received a full scholarship to the Elephant Learning Math Academy. My son is doing very well and is over a year ahead in math now... I do not know how we could have done it without you... Thank you!

Thank you for granting our 4 children a full scholarship. Taking into account our financial situation, we have loved using your program as we see the progress the kids have made in the past few months. It has been difficult finding work as the job market has had a flood of applicants who are also unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We strive to keep some normalcy with the kids so they are relatively unaffected and oblivious to our current situation. In the circumstances, we are grateful you offered us a year of tuition waiver. Your help has been invaluable and together with our children, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Almost all children benefit from a math intervention.  Those in poverty need mathematics interventions the most.  There is a three-year difference in mathematics developmental level for students from low-resource versus high-resource communities.


Elephant Learning is an online math academy that uses years of research in mathematics to create sophisticated algorithms, years of research in mathematics education is at the heart of Elephant Learning. Elephant Learning guarantees kids learn 1 year of math in 3 months of using academy. Elephant Learning is proud to provide Scholarships to underserved children as well as those who show academic merit.  Elephant Learning is partnered with Math Matters to ensure that the children who need the academy the most have access.

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  • The research shows greatest return on investment when reaching low & moderate income children at earlier age.

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