"Learn 1 Year of Math in 3 Months"

The 3 Secrets To Learning Math Fast!

Friday, September 19th, 12:00PM Mountain Time

The Workshop

Math Matters is a non-profit dedicated to ensuring parents and educators have the tools to empower children with mathematics.  Our guest speakers are from the University of Denver where they will highlight the 3 secrets that they have learned over the last decade of researching early age mathematics education, that allow children to understand and learn mathematics quickly!  Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to have University level professors help your child get ahead.

 Invited Guests For This Special Event:

Dr. Aditya Nagrath PhD

Chancellor, Elephant Learning

Dr. Nagrath is the co-founder of the Elephant Learning Math Academy and holds a PhD in Mathematics & Computer Science.  Aditya has an 11 month old and built Elephant Learning in order to ensure his child could benefit from mathematics education.

Dr. Alvaro Arias PhD

Professor of Mathematics
University of Denver

Dr. Alvaro Arias is a co-founder of Math Matters and is a life long educator.  Dr. Arias shares what he has learned over the last decade to ensure all children learn math.

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* Important Note: due to technical restrictions the available seats on this workshop are strictly limited! 

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