Thank you for investing in our children' future!

5 Stars

  You do not have to wait for the workshop to have your child learning math faster.  Mathematics scores in preschool and elementary school predict achievement all the way into college.  4 out of 5 children start kindergarten behind in math, leading to 3 out of 4 children not being proficient at high school mathematics.  Learn more about the Elephant Learning Math Academy where children are learning years of math in just weeks.


              I have loved watching my youngest (5 year old in preschool) thrive on Elephant Learning!  He is a visual learner, and with how the program is set up, Elephant Learning works perfectly for him. He loves playing it, and I love watching how what he learns on the app spills over into "real" life.  He is consistently finding math problems throughout the day, like when we eat our snack or counting other objects.

I'm a homeschooling mother, and I love finding a great tool that my child can use independently allowing me to work 1 on 1 with my other child.

Julie Parker

 Mother of 5 Year Old and 7 Year Old In Elephant Learning Math Academy