Thank you for investing in our children' future!

Thanks to Donations like your Math Matters is able to support families in need, schools, after-school programs and other non-profits in teaching kids math. An example of iSmart Kids Academy will show you how Math Matters makes a difference on your behalf:


             Our school is hosting a lot of low income families and kids with learning problems, so Math Matters has generously provided us with a teacher training and scholarship for our kids to succeed in math. We have been receiving lots of support throughout the teaching process. We can’t thank this organization enough for being a stand for our children and their progress in learning.

Julie Belyaeva

 Founder, iSmart Kids Academy

Mathematics scores in preschool and elementary school predict achievement all the way into college.  4 out of 5 children start kindergarten behind in math, leading to 3 out of 4 children not being proficient at high school mathematics.  Learn more about the Elephant Learning Math Academy where children are learning years of math in just weeks.

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