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Math Matters is a non-profit that is dedicated to ensuring that teachers have the best tools to educate America's Future.

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“Math Matters understands how math is supposed to be taught.”

Alicia Gold,

5th Grade Charter School Teacher

Resources For Teachers

Automated Math Academy

Elephant Learning is by far the best education tool we have seen.  They use math puzzles and activities to test understanding and teach concepts.  Children in their system learn math concepts using manipulatives.  They have an initial evaluation that allows them to place a students quickly and extremely detailed reports that allow you to easily split the class so that all children understand the materials taught.  Coursework feels like gameplay.  Even more interesting is that they have a product for parents that expands on the classroom and allows you to help alleviate the cost.

Cost: $20/Student/Year
Scholarships available based on merit.

Khan Academy

For the classroom, Khan Academy can be used to teach, practice, and review common core math skills. The site's other videos can also serve as great supplemental resources in a variety of subjects including art history, US and world history, science and engineering, computing, and more.
Cost: Free

Kids Play Math

Kids Play Math is professional development in early mathematics for teachers and coaches.  Their model is affordable and effective.  They provide affordable, effective hands on interactive content to teachers coaches and other educators.  Their mission is to create sustainable improvement in mathematics instruction support.
Cost: Contact