Online Training for Teachers

COST: $275 per participant
Credits received: 3 CEUs per person

The online training component provides you with classroom-ready tools that effectively and easily integrate early math learning into your preschool classroom. The approach is simple.

The online training has four sections that cover:

  • the learning trajectory of counting,
  • representation of numbers,
  • addition and subtraction, and
  • geometry.

Short videos (approx 30 minutes per section) explain the main concepts of early math teaching and learning and classroom-ready tools that effectively and easily integrate math into your classroom.

Most of the activities are job embedded, designed to be completed in the regular school day. We support your learning with many resources, including unlimited access to our Kids Play Math bilingual educational software for children and Elephant Learning online math academy for children 2-16, that guarantees children will learn at least 1 year of math in 3 months.

2-Day Workshop For Coaches

COST: $1,500 per coach
Credits received: 3 CEUs per person
Certification to train teachers in early age math upon successful completion
Denver Math Matters office

Content-based coaching is extremely important for improving instruction. 

Our 2-day workshop prepares you for coaching teachers in early math. Participants will learn what instructional support looks like in math, and will gain valuable math coaching skills–observing math lessons, analyzing lesson plans, and supporting teachers.

Coaches who already work with teachers are usually ready for the next level—specific approaches to math coaching based on an understanding of early math teaching and learning, standards and research.  

But new coaches can also take this workshop. They will learn many specific coaching skills they can use immediately. The workshop includes an online support component with early math resources and activities.