Elephant Learning is an online math academy that uses years of research in mathematics to create sophisticated algorithms, years of research in mathematics education is at the heart of Elephant Learning. Elephant Learning guarantees kids learn 1 year of math in 3 months of using academy. Elephant Learning is proud to provide Scholarships to underserved children as well as those who show academic merit.  Elephant Learning is partnered with Math Matters to ensure that the children who need the academy the most have access.

Math Matters started with a generous grant from the Toyota Foundation and the National Science Foundation to the University of Denver where advanced mathematical research produced  breakthrough technology.

9news has proven to be a reliable informational partner to Math Matters following and spreading the word about our success stories

PCs for People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit striving to bridge the digital divide by providing the necessary tools to put a functional computer into the hands of low-income individuals and get them online.  Math Matters partnered with PCs for people to make difference in Westwood neighborhood

Colorado Nonprofit Association exists to strengthen nonprofits. Every day they educate and inform Colorado nonprofits about new ideas, best practices and pressing public policies so they can achieve greater impact on Colorado communities. They work to ensure Colorado has the nation's most effective, vibrant and innovative nonprofit community essential to the quality of life in our state. Math Matters has been a proud member of Colorado Nonprofit Association since 2018