Did you know children that do more math are better readers, writers, speakers, and problem solvers.




Accelerated Math For Children

Math Matters is a non-profit dedicated to empowering children with math.  Research shows that children that do more mathematics do better at ALL subjects, including reading, writing, music, etc... and are more likely to achieve.  We help parents and teachers have the tools necessary to enable their children to succeed.

Over $420,000 in scholarships awarded.

We partnered with the 9 News & Westword Chile Festival to help get scholarships to one of Denver's most at risk communities.  

Over $164,000 in scholarships awarded.

Donations to Math Matters help bring tools to children in underserved communities.  The result is a level playing field for children of all backgrounds to succeed.

Socially Entrepreneurial

We are working with a social entrepreneurial initiative from the University of Denver.  We are living proof that businesses can profit society as well as investors.

Tools For Parents

Automated Math Academy

Elephant Learning is by far the best education tool we have seen.  They use math puzzles and activities to test understanding and teach concepts.  Children in their system learn math concepts using manipulatives.  They have an initial evaluation that allows them to place a students quickly and extremely detailed reports that allow you to easily understand how your child is doing on a deeper level.  Parental advice allows you to incorporate mathematics into everyday life.  The coursework feels like gameplay and it only takes 30 minutes a week.  Children in their system learn over a year of math with 3 months of use.

Cost: $35/month for up to 3 students.
Scholarships available based on merit.


Desmos is a graphing calculator and simulator.  It is innovative and allows for inquiry based mathematical learning.  Desmos has a beautiful interface and has all the features of the powerful graphing calculators of yesterday and more.  

Cost: Free

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