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Elephant Learning is an Automated Math Academy for Students Ages 2-16.

We guarantee your child will learn at least 1 year of math in 3 months when they use our system 30 minutes per week.

Elephant Learning Tuition is $55/month for a family.  
Scholarships through Math Matters can reduce the tuition to as low as $10/month. 

Watch 3 y.o. Kennedy Doing Kindergarten Mathematics because of Elephant Learning Math Academy featured by 9 News


​Customer stories

Yulia Belyaeva - CEO of iSmart Kids Academy

Our school is hosting a lot of low income families and kids with learning problems, so Math Matters has generously provided us with a teacher training and scholarship for our kids to succeed in math. We have been receiving lots of support throughout the teaching process. We can’t thank this organization enough for being a stand for our children and their progress in learning.

Laura Highfield - Administrator of The Zone Academy

We found Elephant Learning to be: Effective, User-Friendly, Customizable. See the Case Study.

Lorna Velasco - New Futures

Our students used Elephant Learning an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes for a few weeks. They advanced between 10 to 30 months of math, all showing positive results in test scores afterward.

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Accelerate Your Child's Learning!

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