Help is Here! Things to Look for in a Non-Profit:


Jun 14

Non-profits, almost by definition, are always in need of support beyond current market forces. If you are a business or foundation interested in getting involved in a non-profit organization (in this case  one fighting to better education), there are some things you should look for:

  • Do they pursue radically different approaches? When looking for non-profits find some that look and feel radically different than what you already know. People are inventing new and real things all the time – that’s what you want to search for.
  • Is this applicable to all teachers and students? You want to invest in an organization that doesn’t only help one category of people (i.e. one that only benefits gifted teachers but disregards struggling ones).
  • Are they aimed at the heart of the problem? Think about public schools in areas like Chicago and D.C.
  • Do the economics of the solution enable demand & resources?

Lastly, you want to focus and invest outside of just the fringes of the school market, for that will take years to reach children in the community. Investing in a non-profit that fits suggestions like these will help ensure that you are investing in an organization that will deliver results and one where there will be an economically stable market demand for it.

Examples of corporate foundations that already follow all of these principles include: Broadcom, Microsemi, and Bank of America just to name a few. These corporations in addition to others have come together to support a new breakthrough math program (it has to do with students’ visual reasoning – radical right?). If you or anyone you know work for any businesses looking for somewhere to invest, keep an eye out for non-profits that match this profile!

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