Summer has Arrived!


Jun 06

Summer is here, and it feels like opportunity! The opportunity for barbecues, bike rides, and lazy sunny days. I don’t remember exactly what I did every summer, but I will never forget the summers where my mother ensured that I take educational opportunities presented before me. It all started when I was young and my mother would hunt down my teachers to get the books for the following year so that I could have a head start. Her main focus was mathematics because even back then our schools were internationally known for being bad at teaching it! To be honest, I was not very grateful at the time to replace my lazy sunny days with solving math problems and studying, but as a parent I now understand the value and time of what she invested for me.

Statistics on mathematics are much worse than they were in the 80’s, and on top of that we live in an economy now where if you are not creating automation, you are being replaced by it. Business schools at the University level find math difficult to teach at a college level because of a lack of understanding of statistics from the kids! It’s sad to hear because as parents we always tell our kids that they can be anything they want, but the reality is that most STEM majors switch for a subject that involves less math.

As these statistics get worse it becomes more and more clear that math anxiety is real, and it is prevalent. Knowing information like this, and the fact that children better at math grow up to become better readers, writers, speakers and problem solvers, I understand that it is now my responsibility as a parent to pass to my child what my mother passed on to me.

Now that summer is upon us, we want to present you and your family with similar opportunities. Get involved in order to learn more about math anxiety and what we can do to fight it, find out more about our partners like Elephant Learning and the scholarships we award, and overall get to know what we’re trying to accomplish!


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