Math Matters Gives 250 Scholarships At Westwood Chile Festival

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Nov 09

Denver – Fall is here and that means three things: leaves changing, back to school, and chile! That is why this weekend at the Westwood Chile Festival, Math Matters is giving out scholarships worth in total $420,000 for the Elephant Learning Math Academy to Westwood neighborhood residents.

Math Matters is a non-profit dedicated to empowering children with mathematics by providing scholarships and helping teachers and parents find powerful technological tools that help children learn mathematics. One of those tools is Elephant Learning Math Academy, a powerful learning software available via web, mobile or tablet was created by University of Denver Professor Dr. Alvaro Arias and one of his former students, alumni Dr. Aditya Nagrath.

Math Matters is will be partnering with PCs For People, a non profit that helps provide computers for underserved populations. PCs For People currently serves 640+ families in the Westwood neighborhood with either a computer or internet service or both. PCs For People will be providing laptops to allow children to play within the Elephant Learning booth and will have information flyers and coupons to give out at the event.

“On average children within our system learn an average of 1.5 years of math every three months,” Dr. Nagrath, a Colorado native told 9 News, “and we are so proud to be able to partner with Math Matters and PCs For People in order to provide this unprecedented contribution to the Westwood community. True empowerment comes from overcoming the anxiety and using technology to propel our children into the future.”

Children in the United States have long lagged behind their foreign peers in mathematics, and high school proficiency rates, according to the NAEP, are as low as 25%. The Westwood neighborhood is one of the most at risk neighborhoods within Denver Public Schools’ system and can benefit greatly from enhanced mathematics education.

Professor Arias adds “Children in underserved communities are on average, 3 years behind their funded peers in mathematics starting at kindergarten. The statistic is deeply disturbing as recent research indicates that mathematics at early age affects reading scores and children that do more math do better at all subjects.”

Valentyna Savchenko, director of Math Matters added “With mathematics, children that start behind tend to stay behind statistically speaking. Because math scores in 8th grade indicate whether or not you will drop out of high school, this is really a preschool problem. We hope that within a just a few months we can significantly and positively make an impact on these children’s lives by just giving them the tools.”

Elephant Learning and Math Matters will have a booth at the event where the scholarships will be given out and Dr. Arias and Dr. Nagrath will both be present to answer questions about the platform.

If you are enjoying some chile this weekend and want to learn more, just stop by the booth for more information or you may:

Learn more about PCs For People —
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Learn more about Elephant Learning —

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